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Update on What's Happening!

It’s been a while since we have posted a blog, and there is so much we could talk about. Today, we will give you some insight into our partnership with the public high schools, our Donor Drive (how we raise money to support teens in Macon), our press conference, and our pop-up shops around campus.

We have officially entered the four public schools we are partnering with! That means over 50 Traffick Jam members are forging personal relationships with 1,600 students that we will be teaching about sex trafficking. This stage of our action plan is a critical foundation to teaching high school students about the reality of teen sex trafficking around our nation and even in Middle Georgia. After a couple weeks of hanging out and getting to know the students, our team will begin implementing the curriculum and educating these teens so that our youth will be aware and able to protect one another from potential danger.

Our event team has launched the Donor Drive, which is our effort to partner with people around us to raise money to support these students. Each of the 1,600 students costs $5 to teach. We want to raise a total of $8,000 through the Donor Drive so that we can reach each student in the four schools. For more information about the Donor Drive and how you can support the cause, check out our Fundraiser page at!

Another way that we aim to raise money and awareness about our cause is through pop-up shops around campus. At these shops, we have a variety of inventory that we sell to people on campus that are equally as passionate about teaching Macon teens to drive out sex trafficking. We also have info cards that are great resources for helping others around campus join our cause and get involved at the ground level.

The first official press conference for Traffick Jam was February 21 at 12:30 PM at the Mercer Innovation Center. We hosted special guests such as Macon’s mayor, Robert Reichert, and the county assistant superintendent, Jamie Cassidy in attendance. Our team is extremely excited about this opportunity we were given and we are anxious to see the community get behind this cause.

As always, we are hard at work to make sure that we are able to reach these 1,600 students in the four public high schools we are partnering with. If you are interested in partnering with us, visit our sponsor page at From there, you can visit our online store, start your own page (a five minute process) to raise money for the Donor Drive, and you can also see other additional information that will clue you into the impact you will have by joining our cause.

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