Meet Your New Traffick Jam Team

Traffick Jam 2016 Team

This fall, Dr. Crutchfield has been hard at work training and collaborating with the new batch of students for Traffick Jam. In the spring, the students will be utilizing the knowledge gained from the previous teams, and executing new ideas for the program. The students will be unveiling a new logo, hosting more events and creating more student engagement on Mercer's campus. Additionally, the new CSL Service Learning class starting this spring semester will add more team members to the Traffick Jam cause and will work hand-in-hand with the Traffick Jam team.

Traffick Jam is a self-sustaining team of Mercer Marketing students whose purpose is to teach Macon’s teens how to prevent sex trafficking. For updates on our team follow us on Instagram and Facebook @traffickjam.georgia.

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