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Our Program


1. Research-based, customer-focused, and dynamic. We are always seeking to enhance the effectiveness of our solution for students, parents, administrators, and teachers.


2. We partner with boards of education and schools to implement the curriculum in school systems.  


3. The education is delivered by college students, the group that teens are most likely to hear and receive. This is the MAGIC!


4. We place emphasis on both relationship building and education.  


5. The curriculum fits into the freshman high school experience in P.E. and Health curriculum.  


6. The curriculum is personalized to the needs of male and female students. 


7. College-to-teen and teen-to-teen conversation increases the likelihood of buy-in adoption by teens.  The peer interaction component of education is essential to behavior change because young people are tremendously influenced by their peers.


10. We build and service high school chapters of Traffick Jam.  The purpose of the club is to reinforce the Traffick Jam message, build relationships, focus on the students' significance and future, and provide an outlet for high school students to discuss issues.


11. We incorporate Georgia Cares Hotline, an online confidential mechanism for high schoolers to report and discuss issues related to sex trafficking and other resources to get help.

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