About US

Traffick Jam is a brand and team of Mercer students whose purpose is to teach Macon’s teens how to drive out sex trafficking.  Our goal is to prevent our youth from being sold for sexual purposes (trafficked).  

Traffick Jam’s work is funded by partnering with community sponsors, creating and selling merchandise, and hosting events that resonate with people who are passionate about driving out sex trafficking.

Our timeline

  • Sponsor

     Just $5 educates one student. We fund our own work through product sales, raffles, donor drives, and business partnerships.

    Partner with us with a tax deductible donation to directly educate Macon teens and have your business advertised upon request based on your plan 


    * $2,000 - Full School Sponsor

    * $1,000 - Half School Sponsor

    * $400 - TWO class Sponsor

    * $200 - Full Class Sponsor

    * $100 - Half - Class Sponsor

    Become a sponsor through Mercer Giving:

    1. Choose gift type and amount 

    2. Choose “Other Fund” in the fund for gift

    3. Use the remark field to indicate “Traffick Jam” 

    You can do so HERE

  • Resources

    LinkedIn: Traffick Jam

    Instagram: @tjam.mu

    Twitter: @TraffickJam1

    TikTok: traffick_jam

    Email: traffickjam.georgia@gmail.com


    Other Information:

    Hotline Number:


    Mercer Family Medicine Center:


    Low-Cost Therapy Services

    Bibb County Crimes Against Children:


    Georgia Trafficking Hotline:


    Suicide Hotline:


  • Youth Resources


    Girls Educational and Mentoring Services’ (GEMS) mission is to empower girls and young women, ages 12–24, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking to exit the commercial sex industry and develop to their full potential


    BeTheJam is a project of End Slavery Tennessee, a nonprofit organization that works to end slavery and to restore and advocate for the victims of human trafficking in Tennessee. Among the places we speak and train are many college campuses in Tennessee.


    “H.O.P.E. Student Awareness Project” is a video curriculum for students, by students, empowering them to eradicate human trafficking. HOPE focuses on sex trafficking in the

    United States.

    Labor trafficking is also a large issue in both Oklahoma and the United States.