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Campus Fundraiser Competition

Start your own Traffick Jam Fundraiser!

Go to:

Scroll to bottom of page and click on: “Traffick Jam Donation Drive”

then click on “Fundraise“ and

you're ready to set up your page!

From there, share the link with family and friends to see how much money you can raise! 


Top Fundraiser:

$250 Visa Gift Card

Raise $75 or more:
2 tickets to a Macon Mayhem game of choice

Your name goes on the Traffick Jam website


Free Traffick Jam T-shirt

Ability to use Traffick Jam on your resume

Raise $25 or more:
Celebration at Mercer vs Tech baseball game on 3/28

Free cornhole tournament entry at the game

Free food during the game

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